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FPPL FLOOR REPAIRS:We have instant floor repair materials where we don’t need any shut down of your plant or ware houses. We also have a unique material for cleaning and maintenance.

Industrial Epoxy Flooring provides excellent wear, abrasion and chemical resistance for manufacturing plants, research and development laboratories, heavy or light manufacturing, warehouse, aerospace, computer & electronics units, assembly & production lines, stock rooms, aisles, walkways, and for many Industrial floors.

Epoxy Flooring and PU Flooring are specifically designed for these conditions providing the advantages of high impact resistance, long-term durability, chemical resistance, seamless, thermal resistance, and slip resistance.

As every concrete surface is subject to unique operating and environmental conditions we specify accurate flooring systems. We offer the Best Epoxy / PU flooring Solutions with quality satisfaction and good price. Our team is able work with your schedule to have a fast turn around and are even able to work after hours to facilitate minimal disturbances and shutdown.

All Customers is having a similar question. How long the coating will last?

The most important thing after floor coating is done is, cleanliness of the floor is kept every time, the longer the floor coating will last. [Fine particles of dust, dirt, fragments, if not removed regularly act as a scratchy with the traffic.]

Since your Floor System is stronger, tougher, more resilient and chemical resistant than conventional flooring system, it will stand up to traffic for longer periods than the concrete or wooden substrates.

Proper cleaning is a function of utilizing the cleaning solution that will dissolve or emulsify the type of soil or contamination the area is subjected to and thorough rinsing techniques. For example, if a particular floor is subjected to normal pedestrian traffic, any quality detergent and water solution can be used to clean as long as clean water is used to rinse.

One important feature of your Floor System is that it will not be affected by any special purpose cleaning compound, when used properly and rinsed thoroughly.

Another important feature of a Floor System is that it is non-porous. This makes cleaning easier to achieve because contamination cannot penetrate into the surface; it stays on top. This feature enables the surface to be positively cleaned, but it does not mean that proper cleaning techniques can be curtailed.