We have set a new standard in achieving the best wall finishes, the world has ever seen. We start of by grinding or sanding the wall to achieve a near laser leveled surface which is assisted by our expert team of Gypsum technicians who are trained to install perfect and totally aligned ceilings and walls which can’t be achieved in plasters and renders due to various hurdles like dependence on Labour and old practices topped with the restrictions posed by vertical surface, shrinkage, etc. These are further polished and leveled by special flexo fillers which give a silky smooth finish to the surface. Once this stage is achieved we have a wide verity of wall finishes such as PUD Sterile, plane wall finishes, textured finishes, etc. Our innovations in the wall coating technologies have brought us far away from the competition. We don’t only provide a wall coating but we have given the world a more environment friendly and economical way to build their world providing unimaginable savings in energy for heating and cooling.